Should I get a chatbot for my website?

22-11-2021 11:24 AM Comment(s) By Aliya

Should I get a chatbot for my website?

Have you noticed tiny robots popping up on your screen asking "How can I help you?" whenever you click on a website? Nope, they do not mean any harm, they're genuinely there to help you! Chatbots are what they're called.


What even is a chatbot? Well, it is a type of... robot, but not just any ordinary one. It is built with artificial intelligence (Ai) software which allows it to simulate conversations with users. Nahh, it won't go all beep-boop-beep (robot language) with your customers as it is equipped with natural language!


Yes, that's right, chatbots are capable of holding proper conversations through all kinds of platforms such as mobile applications, websites or even through the telephone. But, how does it work though?


The process isn't as complicated as you imagine it to be. When inquiries come in, chatbots first analyze them to identify and extract relevant information. This step is very much crucial as if they are not able to understand the requests, wrong information may be provided instead.


Moving on, once the information is identified, chatbots will then provide the most suitable response to the inquiry. Now, these responses can come in many forms;


  • generic and predefined answer

  • information retrieved from a knowledge base

  • system data

  • contextualized information based on data given by the customer

  • a follow-up question that helps chatbot further understand the enquiry


Is it truly a must to have one on our website? Well, that depends entirely on how your business operates. If you are looking towards getting more leads, then you should have one! Why?


Chatbot streamlines interactions between services and customers which indirectly enhances customer experience. At the same time, it optimizes the customer engagement process as well as operational efficiency. 

Hence, if you intend on putting up an A+ kind of chatbot on your website, the human support from your end has also got to be A+. Train and optimize your chatbot from time to time so it remains excellent.


In short, a chatbot does you plenty of wonders! Perhaps you could consider getting one. Let us help you with that! Drop us a quick hello at!
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