• About us

    Aplikasi is a digital transformation-driven company that is aspired to help businesses, especially SMEs to embark on the same journey that it has. 

    Its team comprises of individuals from various backgrounds but shares the same dedication to become the champion of affordable enterprise-level solutions. To date, Aplikasi has saved thousands of its clients’ man-hours; translating into better resources utilization and manpower. 

    We are a proud Zoho Partner; driving and promoting efficient , effective and future-proof solutions to SMEs in Malaysia. Aplikasi is well-versed in  Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho People & Zoho One.

Our Team

We’re a growing team of digital solution providers—full of personality minus the ego. We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to help companies like yours grow.


To be the champion in SMEs digital transformation in Malaysia and recognized as the leading entity in providing quality services to them.


To help SMEs run their business efficiently with the help of digital transformation and good business practices.

Providing an affordable solution to SMEs especially to digitalize their business.

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