70% of Digital Transformation initiatives failed

Digitalizing your business goes beyond the tools. It's about the purpose, the process, and the people. But a lot of companies fail to see these aspects and poured their time and money only to find them wasted.

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zoho authorized partner
As a Zoho authorized partner in Malaysia, we are trained in using most of the apps you would normally need to run your business. And we've been perfecting ourselves to make your journey a success through our empathy, expertise, and experience.
We offer a wide array of consulting services including implementation, customization, integration, and training of Zoho apps together with Zoho support and ad-hoc services. Let us help you find out the right fit and solution for your business needs.

Our Services

Integration & Implementation

At Aplikasi, we are passionate when it comes to our customers’ success. Whether you’re looking for a remarkable business integration, speedy-onboarding, smart accounting system, or personalised technical solutions to fit your business, we are here for you.
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Support & Training

You won’t be left hanging with professional guidance from our support and training teams. We have the best teams that will deliver the best service like no others, so you’ll always be in safe hands, no matter the challenges you’re facing.
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If your business does not fit with Zoho default workflow, our specialist consultancy and deliverability teams will try our best to customize it to match your needs. We ensure you, our professional services teams are committed to your success.

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Why Zoho

User Friendly

Unlike sophisticated ERPs, Zoho apps are more intuitive and manageable.

Easily Scalable

When you’re ready to scale up your business, Zoho is ready to take up the challenge. 

Integration with other apps

Be it Zoho apps or other 3rd party apps, integrate them seamlessly without knowing how to code!

Available on mobile apps

So you can still function on the go! No extra development needed. Install & you’re set! 

Secure cloud operations

Zoho is certified with several international standards, so rest assured. 

Customizable Automation

Use workflows, custom functions, schedule and blueprints to automate your business!

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