Our Partners

We are partnering with multiple software companies to complement our Zoho offerings and bring your ideas to life thus creating something that is specially crafted for your unique. 

Manage your payroll with PayrollPanda!

Malaysia’s leading online LHDN approved payroll  software. Currently utilized by many SMEs, its payroll management is smooth and fast, no trainings are needed.

Track your customers with Wazzup

Wazzup is a tool that connects WhatsApp to CRM and help desk platforms. Wazzup assists businesses in improving customer communication and automating business procedures.
Connect your business with EasyStore Partner Malaysia.

Whether it’s online store or mobile app, create a stunning business flow with EasyStore Partner Malaysia. Selling your products can never be this easy!

Appseconnect Transform Your Business with Integration

Connect all your SaaS, on premise applications, data sources and technologies under one single platform with Appseconnect.

Get instant payment & delivery licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia with Payex

Collect payments and arrange delivery of your items to your customers right away. Best for IG, FB, e-commerce seller, property agents and many others.

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Highly Skilled IT Professionals Recruiting

AplikasiRekrut is a recruitment platform where you can hire the best candidates for IT and SAP related roles; we attract, develop and maintain the right IT and SAP related talent for you.

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