Sending e-invoices to the LHDNM

14-05-2024 04:28 PM Comment(s) By Marsya

Sending e-invoices to the LHDNM

As you may already know, E-Invoice will soon be mandatory for all businesses. E-Invoices will replace the use of paper or electronic documents such as in PDF, JPEG, DOC formats, and others.

Therefore, the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) has provided selectable options for taxpayers to use when sending e-invoices to the LHDNM; based on business requirements and specific circumstances of taxpayers.

Among the two (2) options for sending e-invoices that taxpayers can choose from are:
MyInvois Portal
  • A portal hosted by the LHDNM
  • Accessible to all taxpayers at no cost
  • Also accessible to taxpayers who need to issue e-Invoices when the Application Programming Interface (API) connection is not available
Application Programming Interface (API)
  • API is a set of programming code that allows direct data transmission between taxpayer systems and the MyInvois System
  • Requires initial investment in technology and adjustments to existing systems
  • Suitable for large taxpayers or businesses with a large number of transactions
  • Also suitable for businesses with their own accounting system and do not want to migrate over to MyInvois Portal
Below shows how e-Invoices work, starting from when a sale happens and a supplier sends an e-Invoice through MyInvois Portal or API. It ends when validated e-Invoices are stored on LHDNM’s database for taxpayers to see their past e-Invoices.
e-invoice Malaysia
e-invoice Malaysia
To sum it up, it's evident that businesses are at a crucial juncture of transitioning to a more streamlined and efficient invoicing system. The options provided by LHDNM offer flexibility and adaptability to suit diverse business needs. Whether you opt for the simplicity of direct integration or the convenience of service providers, the end goal remains consistent: achieving compliance without compromising efficiency.
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