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Executive Recruiters Sdn Bhd

Staffing Agency

Business Case at a Glance

Executive Recruiters assist their customers in building successful leadership teams by delivering great service and experience in the delivery of efficient recruiting, training, and development solutions. They bring their knowledge, exceptional consultancy, and research capabilities to every client assignment. With over ten years of experience in the recruiting market, they were recognised when they won the Human Resources Recruitment Awards in 2015.

But the method they were using, which relied on Excel sheets and laborious processes to hire, was outdated, so we suggested Zoho Recruit, which enables them to manage their hiring on one site.

Company Background

Executive Recruiters first began business executing junior positions and recruitments in mass for clients such as call centres, banks, and self-service centers. Within the past 10 years, they have shifted their focus towards pioneering and senior roles, with a goal in mind to emphasise functionalities instead of mass recruitment.

Executive Recruiters processes start with identifying and targeting a specific group of candidates, followed by in-depth discussions with their clients. Potential candidates will then be considered, but their suitability will be determined before they are invited to the next stage of the screening and interview process.

The Challenge

Five or seven years ago, the system that they had been using had become obsolete because they could not keep up with the demand required for the recruitment process, where they only relied on Excel sheets and manual processes to do the hiring. Hence, now they know that they need to rely on a third-party vendor to accomplish their work, so they are looking for an alternative that leads them to Zoho Recruit.

Finding the Solution

We recommended Zoho Recruit, which allows them to manage all of their hiring in one place. As a result, they are now better prepared to handle the digital transformation in their workplace, which necessitates more optimised and efficient performance to meet their clients' demands. 

Implementations & Results

The hiring process is also digitalized, which includes interview scheduling, screening, client management, resume management, and more. Zoho Recruit also has their own career site, the ability to generate standard resume templates, and all of these functions are used by Executive Recruiters.

What apps have been deployed

  • Zoho One

  • Zoho Recruit

What our client says about our service?

I would recommend other people to use Zoho Recruit. Especially for HR or other agencies as well. Because it is definitely useful and easy to customize based on your need.. 

- Stone Teoh, Business Operations Lead


Branding and Marketing Associate Aplikasi

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