Why are papers still a thing in 2021?

07-09-2021 12:47 PM Comment(s) By Marsya

Why are Papers Still a Thing in 2021?

It’s the year 2021 and we still depend on papers. Should we call ourselves old-fashioned then? Have we grown so accustomed to it that shifting away seems like an impossible thing to do. 

But at the same time, it doesn’t make sense don’t you think? Technology evolvement is as spectacular as ever and yet we rather have certain documents printed on pieces of paper instead of storing them on our magnifico, ‘can’t-live-without’ technological gadgets. 

So why is it this way? The answer to that isn’t complicated at all – papers are reliable. It can never be hacked nor get corrupted in any way possible. Well, some may argue – papers could also go missing or even be photocopied. But let’s be real, the level of trust you have on that piece of paper is way more than the many soft copies you store on your laptops. True or false? 

Did you know, an average office employee prints up to about 10,000 sheets of paper each year? That is equivalent to a huge 45ft tall tree worth of paper! Yes, tropical rainforests cover huge areas of land in Malaysia but that doesn’t mean we should take advantage of that. And these 10,000 sheets printed, where will they end up eventually? Wastelands.

What is the other alternative to this - Digital transformation. Here’s why; 

You can’t deny that papers are definitely cheap. But take a look at the bigger picture, the costs of getting the papers printed – are they actually cheap? We’re talking about printers, inks, maintenance and servicing. Now that is nowhere near cheap! Think of how much you can save if you have everything done digitally. 

Yes, papers can be kept for a very long time, but have you thought of the number of papers that will be accumulated by then. Nobody wants to look at cabinets filled with excessive documents, that’ll just cause major headaches to everyone at the office. Opt for cloud storage instead and have all your documents stored seamlessly and safely. 

As more and more companies and organizations embrace digital transformation, you wouldn’t want to be left out amongst your competitors. Regardless of how your company has been practicing the paper policy, sooner or later you will have to transform to a future-proof paperless workplace.

Don’t fear digital transformation, embrace it! Get started by first selecting a suitable business software that meets all your business requirements and needs. Psst… we suggest you go for ZOHO! Oh it’s one of the best out there, trust us! 
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