CRM for newbies

07-12-2021 10:20 AM Comment(s) By Aliya

CRM for newbies

You just got back from meeting up with some of your business friends and all they spoke about was owning a CRM. This may be the first time you hear such terms and you're probably wondering what's it all about. Well then, let's not leave you all clueless.

First off, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a type of software that manages your business's relationships and interactions with customers. The main purpose of owning this software is to enhance your business relationships. Yep, that's it.


Now, don't be so quick to underestimate the power of maintaining good relationships with your customers. From the outside it may look kacang goreng, but once you get right into it, oh boy susahnya! Thus, this software does wonders to assist you in staying connected to your customers, streamline workflows and improve profitability.


A CRM is what you should look for to store customer contact details, identify sales opportunities, record service issues and manage marketing campaigns - all in one location. With easy access to data, almost every employee can collaborate easily.


How does it gather all the data you wonder? CRM begins by collecting a customer's contact details like email, mobile number as well as social media data across numerous sources and channels. Besides that, it also pulls in additional information from his preferences and communications.

At the same time, you may get your CRM to connect to some of your favourite business tools and apps to make the whole process so much better! Don't even bother printing out certain documents for signing, you can always do that with the many e-signature tools you find out there.

The real deal behind a CRM

The key to winning your customers' hearts is to find out as much information as you can about them. With CRM, you are provided with a detailed overview of your customers. From previous orders to their social media activities - everything is recorded in the system.


Although it may look like the Sales team would benefit most from this software, marketers and customer service officers can also use it to their advantage too! Marketers can use CRM to understand the pipeline of incoming prospects thoroughly. This provides better opportunities for them to catch leads.


As for the customer service side, you won't need to worry about getting lost in all the ongoing conversations you have with your customers. CRM enables you to manage inquiries across different channels without losing track! Most importantly, you also have all the information you need for each and every customer.


Why does CRM matter?

Put it this way, more administration = less time for other things. Undeniably, you could still get your Sales team to do the data collecting but where will these information end up lastly? Handwritten notes, files or laptops even? Details can get lost which will only lead you back to square one.

When the administration becomes overwhelming, not only does it affect the productivity of your employees but it also results in poor decision-making. You will not be able to enjoy CRM's intelligence in extracting valuable insights which could really help with your business.

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If you noticed, more and more software is made available to us every single day. As business owners, we should grab the opportunity to incorporate them into our business. CRM software, for one, is proven to produce real results. What more is there to ask?
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