Keeping HR work simple with Zoho People

03-18-2021 09:36 PM Comment(s) By Marsya

Keeping HR work simple with Zoho People

Human Resource covers a vast job scope – from managing employee life cycle to administrating employee benefits. In fact, some do more than that. 

Depending on the size of your company, there may only be one or two individuals that handle the department. Truth be told, it could get pretty overwhelming if not managed properly. 

Instead of going through the troubles of hiring HR workers into the company, why not implement Zoho People in the HR department. This way there would be no need of additional helping hands as Zoho People simplifies all HR processes. So, what exactly has Zoho People got to offer?

1. Hassle-free hiring and onboarding

Hiring process usually takes some time before properly selecting the right candidate to take up the role. Once that is settled and it’s time for the new employee to come of the office, an onboarding session would take place. 

With Zoho People, you can get employees started with paperwork such as company policies, tax documentations before they even come in on their first day.  Allow them to get familiarized with the company culture and team members. You may also choose to have the onboarding session physically at the office or even online. 

Next, prepare a checklist on must-do things with new employees such as generating office email addresses, assign seat placements and distribute necessary equipment they require for work. Rest assured that you will not miss out on any single detail as you can track each employee’s hiring completion status. 

2. Time, leave and attendance tracking
Back in the old days, employees used to have punch cards to record everything and employers would do the checking monthly. Now fast forward to the present day – we have online timesheets. Maintaining it could not get any easier with Zoho People, thanks to the link between the time tracker and attendance system. 

Create a smooth approval process for employers to allow employees' overtime requests. At the same time, you can also facilitate better payroll processing – send out punctual paychecks to your employees and generate instant billing statements to your clients. 

It’s human to miss out on certain details when you have too many on your plate. Prevent it from constantly reoccurring by scheduling your daily and weekly pending tasks in the Job Schedule section. Receive analytical reports to help you better understand the data gathered. 

3. Reviewing employee performance
Employee performance reviews are a good way to identify not only the growth and progress of employees but also the company’s achievement. Practice a 360-degree reviewing on Zoho People where employees and outsiders of the operating team can participate in the review. Feedbacks gathered will be stored in one place making it easier for employers to go through them. 

You set new year resolutions every year and work your way to achieve them, why not do the same with your company. Decide on clear objectives and goals for the team and observe their progress from time to time. Apart from that, tag specific skills for every task or project, enabling employees to participate based on their areas of expertise. To get a department to soar, check their competency and list out the skills needed for them to excel in their roles. 

4. Answering employees’ questions
Generally, employees make enquiries regarding company matters to the HR department. There are tendencies of you missing out on some of them if you do not practise a proper system. What’s the best way to not get enquiries jumbled up? Sorting them into different categories. Make that a reality with Zoho People. 

Check the progress and status of all queries, especially the ones that take up a long time. If you ever see the need to involve other employees into the case, tag their names to keep them in the loop. Instead of discussing through emails, simply drop your comments in the section provided. 

How can you stay up to date with all of it? First, you will receive immediate notifications for every action made on the queries. Next, you can have case reports sent to you on ongoing and completed cases. 

Many misperceive HR work as an easy-going career when in reality they carry huge workload on their backs. Hence, companies must instil practical and strategized working system in HR departments to avoid matters from going haywire. 

Well you are in luck, for Zoho People offers amongst the best Human Resource Systems. Connect with us should you want to give it a go at your company. 
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