Chuck your Sales Problems away with ZOHO

07-13-2021 11:43 AM Comment(s) By Marsya

Chuck your Sales Problems away with ZOHO



Sales-related problems can get pretty frustrating at times! Not only do they mess with your business's sales processes, but they also have effects on opportunities and revenues. Imagine not having enough staff to handle your customers? Wouldn't that make your sales team more overwhelmed?


How do you ensure your sales team can juggle all at once? If they still practice the old-school sales processes, then may we suggest your team switch to ZOHO? How reliable is this system? Let us show you how ZOHO can fix your sales problems.


Consumer Behaviour

To understand a person better, you will need to study or learn a thing or two about them. The same concept applies to business sales. Conducting consumer behaviour analysis not only is vital but brings huge benefits to your sales team.


However, this analysis is no easy task if you do not have the right tools. You might end up spending hours researching one customer alone if you do it manually. Now, why should you do that when you have ZOHO to do it for you? With ZOHO, you can keep track of your customer's journey all in one place.


Customer Service

Once you understand consumer behaviour, it brings us to the second point which is customer service. The purpose of fully understanding your customers is so you can establish better connections and retain more people.


Now that you are a well-informed sales officer, how do you manage a big group of customers in one go? You use ZOHO! Keep track of all your interactions with customers across multiple channels and attend to customer issues and inquiries all at the same time.


Customer Complaints 

If you have large groups of customers, you will surely require a complaint management system or software to assist you when multiple complaints come in. How does ZOHO help with managing customer complaints?


ZOHO provides a streamlined approach and constant tracking to ensure faster resolutions. When customers get in touch to make complaints, ZOHO helps the sales team provide direct support to many customers synchronously.


Business Progress

Many businesses collect information and data to be utilized in understanding what customers want and their habits. Apart from that, these data serve as valuable insights in making informed business decisions.


Apart from benefiting the business, the sales team can also use the gathered information as well. You can easily identify which prospect to follow up or what to offer instead of wasting time on unqualified leads. 



Manual to Digital

When most of your time is spent on securing sales or managing customers manually, you might miss out on one or two big opportunities for your business.


It is never too late to implement an automated workflow process in your sales department. This idea can be made possible with ZOHO, a system that allows you to automate as much of the sales process as possible while concurrently handling customers and prospects.


Lead Records

How does your sales team manage records on existing and new leads, especially when your business does not have a proper lead tracking system? Not only do you take up extra time house-keeping them, you may also have duplicate records as well.


It's time to diminish them with ZOHO. You will find categories available in the system to help you organize your leads better. You could also label repetitive existing leads with 'Deals' for your sales team to take note of.




It will only make your sales team's jobs so much easier if they could integrate every communication they make with the customers into a system. Fortunately, ZOHO is excellent at coordinating messages and email communications.


Integrate ZOHO with your email provider and all your conversations will be recorded instantly in the system. Plus, you can also use some of the email templates as well as 'best-sending-times' feature which tells you the right time to blast your email.



With ZOHO, you no longer need to wait till you get to the office to attain the information you want as they are all stored in the cloud. Track new leads or look into a customer complaint, you can do it all on the ZOHO application at any time, anywhere.



There is no denying the fact that your sales team can do plenty of wonders with a ZOHO system! Perhaps its time to consider implementing one for your business?

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