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Business Case At Glance

Carsome encountered a significant challenge in retrieving historical client data, magnified by a specialized CRM module that treated each customer interaction as a distinct entity and not linking it back to any specific customer record, complicating service delivery and made it impossible to churn out meaningful demographical analytics.

Additionally, the integration of their old and new databases within the CRM system posed another obstacle, resulting in a cluttered database and complicating the consolidation of information. The challenge for Carsome extended beyond acquiring the right tools; it involved finding a seamless integration method to ensure operational smoothness.

Therefore there is a need for a solution that can help keep things organized and make it easier to look back at past information, which is especially important for big companies.The key is for the system to handle these challenges, making sure that keeping track of interactions and people's information works together smoothly. It's like a careful dance, and when done right, it turns managing information into a smooth and organized process.

Company Background

In the dynamic landscape of the automotive sales industry, one name stands out prominently which is Carsome. For over six years, this avant-garde company has been revolutionizing the used car subsector. Established in 2015, Carsome has etched its mark as a formidable player in the market. In 2017, the company expanded its operations across Southeast Asia, a move that underscored its growing regional presence. Not content with the status quo, Carsome made waves in 2020 by acquiring major competitors, iCar Asia, and 2ndLease, cementing its position as a dominant market force.

At the heart of Carsome's operations lies a mission to simplify the complexities of buying and selling used cars. The company's core values, built on transparency, trust, and innovation, define its commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Carsome offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing inspections, certifications, and a digital marketplace for pre-owned vehicles. Their commitment to quality and reliability ensures that every car that passes through their platform is thoroughly vetted and backed by a warranty, giving customers peace of mind.

While the company website provides a detailed roster of key leadership personnel, one noteworthy figure is Co-founder and CEO, Eric Cheng. His visionary approach and leadership have played a pivotal role in steering Carsome toward its current success. With a steadfast commitment to their mission and values, Carsome continues to be a driving force in the used car industry, offering innovative solutions and trustworthy services to customers in Southeast Asia and beyond.

The Challenge

One of the foremost problems that Carsome faced was the inability to access historical data of a particular client. This issue stemmed from the fact that they had a custom module in their CRM system that created each old customer as a new entity, rather than connecting them to their existing records. Thus, this resulted in a situation that made it impossible to see old conversations and past deals making it tough to give top-notch services to customers.
Furthermore, Carsome faced a formidable challenge as they tried to integrate their old database with the new one within their CRM ecosystem. The failure to establish a seamless connection between the two databases created a disconnect that impeded their ability to gain a comprehensive view of their clients. This not only made it difficult to consolidate information but also led to a cluttered database

These two problems contributed significantly to their inability to produce any meaningful customer-centric analytics which is pivotal in driving strategic decision-making. 

Adding to their list of conundrums was the sheer volume of data that required migration. Carsome found themselves wrestling with the task of splitting this colossal chunk of data into separate modules, all the while ensuring that they were linked together for historical data preservation. They needed to put all the pieces together in the right way, but it was really tricky, and they didn't have all the right pieces to the puzzle.
Apart from their CRM tribulations, Carsome also confronted hurdles when they attempted to develop and embed their live chat support widget into their mobile applications. This was a two-fold challenge.  Firstly, they lacked clear and comprehensive directions to navigate this intricate process. Secondly, the absence of appropriate resources, both in terms of human expertise and technical support, further complicates the issue. The absence of a well-defined roadmap delayed their progress in enhancing their mobile applications with the live chat support widget, which had the potential to significantly improve customer engagement.

Finding the Solution

To solve these problems, Carsome knew they needed a smart plan. They realized that just using technology wouldn't be enough. Fixing these issues meant careful planning, getting help from experts, and being creative with new ideas.

Regarding the issue of historical data within their CRM system, our proposed solution involved a substantial revamping of their data management procedures. The recommendation was to implement a rigorous data entry system, emphasizing consistency and accuracy. This required a concerted effort to ensure that all customer data was entered uniformly and accurately into the CRM, eradicating the creation of redundant records. Additionally, a robust data linkage mechanism was established to amalgamate customer records over time, not only thwarting data duplication but also furnishing a holistic view of customer interactions.

In addressing the challenge of integrating old and new databases, Carsome sought us as the experts of CRM who could bridge the gap seamlessly. We devised a strategy for the smooth migration of the old database into their CRM while safeguarding data integrity and averting duplication. This strategic collaboration allowed Carsome to unify its data sources, optimizing operational efficiency and paving the way for more streamlined data management.

Facing the complexity of organizing data, we took a systematic approach where we migrated their data into relevant groups and used a strong tagging system. This method made it much easier for them to track each customer's history and connect related parts. As a result, not only was the improvement in data organization clear, but it also helped make better decisions based on complete information.

Facing challenges in adding the livechat widget to mobile apps, Carsome decided to be proactive. They need an appropriate resources, both in terms of human expertise and technical support. This combined effort could help them overcome the problems and offer a smooth experience to customers on their mobile apps, making their customer interactions even better.

Implementation and Results

A web untangled.

The issue arised when they had a custom module in their CRM system that created each old customer as a new entity, rather than connecting them to their existing records.The implementation process involved the introduction of key modules to enhance their operational efficiency and customer interactions.The focal point of this initiative was the introduction of the contacts and deals module, a strategic move to streamline the tracking of interactions. In this approach, each interaction was designated as a deal, and these deals were linked to the respective contact. This meant that every contact could potentially have multiple deals, reflecting the frequency of their interactions with Carsome. The system was designed to create a new deal and link it to an existing contact when a new interaction occurred. In cases where no existing contact was found, a new deal would be created.

Decluttering 700,000 of data.

Not only that, Carsome faced a formidable challenge as they tried to integrate their old database with the new one within their CRM ecosystem.The magnitude of this digital overhaul became evident during the migration of data. A staggering 700,000 records needed to be meticulously decluttered and migrated into the new modules. This intricate process required a meticulous separation of data into contacts and interactions, turning one massive dataset into two distinct databases which is contact and deal database. The complexity escalated as each interaction had to be linked back to the corresponding contacts, demanding a delicate balance between data organization and historical continuity.

Despite the challenges, the team successfully navigated this complex data migration exercise. The process involved linking the deals back to the contacts module, a feat that required meticulous effort and attention to detail. Through strategic implementation, we had seamlessly integrated their historical data into the new digital infrastructure, setting the stage for enhanced operational insights.

Right guidance leads to straight path.

Lastly, Carsome also confronted hurdles when they attempted to develop and embed SalesIQ support widget into their mobile applications. To ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support, routine weekly sessions were established. These sessions served as a platform for collaborative discussions and Q&A, providing a direct avenue for problem-solving. The proactive engagement of the team not only facilitated immediate issue resolution but also allowed for the conveyance of critical messages to Zoho when needed. As a result, Carsome successfully incorporated SalesIQ widget into their mobile applications, marking a significant milestone in their digital journey.

What apps have been deployed

  • Zoho CRM

  • Zoho SalesIQ

What our client says about our service?

Working with Aplikasi over the past 5 months has been an absolute delight. They have seamlessly implemented different Zoho applications tailored to our business and offered feedback on different use cases. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to understanding our unique challenges and pain points. Aplikasi immerses themselves in our problem statement and works tirelessly to provide effective solutions using Zoho, highlighting the flexibility of the Zoho ecosystem in the process. Their expertise and dedication have transformed the way we operate, making us more efficient and productive. I wholeheartedly recommend Zoho as well as Aplikasi to anyone seeking tech implementation partners in Malaysia who truly care about their clients' success.

- Carsome


Branding and Marketing Associate Aplikasi

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