[Case Study] Armygrade Sdn Bhd: Advanced Sales & Inventory Management

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Armygrade Sdn Bhd

Security System Supplier

Business Case at a Glance

Armygrade is a business that specialises in the provision of autogate systems. They were involved in both the fabrication and installation of gates, in addition to the autogate system. Armygrade has been using Zoho One for the past four years. Since they lack the knowledge to optimise the usage of Zoho, they have been forced to learn all they need to know through trial and error.

They have never worked with a partner before, so they want us to be their company's advisor for Zoho products. It was suggested to them that they use Zoho One since they want to digitalize a number of their internal processes, specifically CRM, Books, Expense, People, and Subscription.

Company Background

Armygrade Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company that was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Puchong, Selangor. Armygrade is a business that specialises in the provision of autogate systems. In addition to producing the autogate system, Armygrade is also involved in the production of gates. They also provide services in the centre, north, and south zones.

In the year 2020, Armygrade was acknowledged in the "Malaysia Book of Record" as the country's first autogate rental service provider. In 2021, armygrade will once again be the only business in the autogate industry to guarantee a warranty of 5 years on both its products and its services. In addition to this, they provide a wide variety of services, some of which include a Professional Installation Team, Build-In Machinery Facilities, After Sales Customer Service, Responsive Consultation, Experienced Service Team, In-House Designer, In-House Production, and R&D Innovation.

The Challenge

The difficulty they encountered was the lack of a digital and automated solution that might facilitate effective internal team collaboration. The technical team will need to visit the sales team on site and provide input, so the technical team and sales team must work together. They don't offer any other financing options that can accommodate their subscription-based payment term. The process does take some time for their staff because they lack a digital and automated way to monitor their sales and finances.

Finding the Solution

It was suggested to them that they use Zoho One since they want to digitalize a number of their internal processes, specifically CRM, Books, Expense, People, and Subscription. After these were brought together, a significant portion of their business processes were subsequently digitalized and automated. We also combined their CRM with an SMS alert that would be delivered to their customers once a date was booked. This notice would also be sent to their internal staff, ensuring that everyone would be kept informed.

Implementations & Results

The most complex setup is carried out in the CRM, which is utilised by both the sales team and the technical team in order to keep each deal's status up to current. The state in CRM is also taken into consideration when determining the SMS notification. After that, we setup Zoho Books and Zoho Subscription so that they may manage both cash and subscription-based clients respectively. Zoho Expense is also used to handle all of their spending, and all of the records of those expenses are pushed to Zoho Books in order to improve their visibility of their current financial condition. Because of this, anytime they require it, they will always have a current and accurate snapshot of their financial condition.

What apps have been deployed

  • Zoho One

  • Zoho People

  • Zoho Expense

  • Zoho Books

What our client says about our service?

Zoho is very good because all the data is in cloud system, and it's very easy to access anytime anywhere. Aplikasi really helps my company to grow and more systematic on our working style. 

- Armygrade team


Branding and Marketing Associate Aplikasi

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