Aplikasi and HRDCorp (formerly known as HRDF)

Business Case at a Glance

HRDCorp has been using Zoho Desk to handle hundreds of tickets a day, but unfortunately, it has not been used to its full capacity. Although agents do have a place to look at all their tickets, no defined process was in place, and thus there was no automation possible that could have helped ease the burden on the support agents.

What Apps Have Been Deployed

●  Zoho Desk

●  Zoho SalesIQ

Company Background

HRDCorp is a government-linked company (GLC) in Malaysia that manages and promotes human capital development through various channels, methods, and events. When a company reaches a certain size in terms of the number of employees, they're required to be registered with HRDCorp and will be obligated to contribute a fraction of their revenue. In return, HRDCorp provides resources and means to improve the skills of the employees. Having said that, HRDCorp is a large organisation and is constantly addressing the issues and concerns of its contributors.

The Challenge

Zoho Desk was only used as a database to keep track of all the tickets and respond to them. However, when hundreds of tickets come in a day, it becomes too overwhelming for the service agents to keep track of them, which leads to unattended tickets. That, in turn, leads to unsatisfactory service quality, as seen by the contributors.

The agents are also faced with issues where they are overwhelmed with direct calls from employers and employees alike. More time spent answering calls means fewer issues that can be addressed per day. Most of the issues are solvable by referring to existing articles in the knowledge base.

Finding the Solution

As such, our focus when trying to solve this issue is on simplifying some of the processes, defining them, and taking a load off of their shoulders in general. Because HRDCorp cannot afford to have downtime, we do have to keep that in mind when offering our consultation and finding the best possible solution.

Implementation & Results

The first thing that we did was make clear distinctions between the numerous departments in the organisation and define teams in each of the departments. Then, an automation is being put in place to automate ticket assignment according to the defined criteria. This eliminates the need for the agents to do it manually, a task that consumes a lot of time, more so when the agent is relatively new.

Then, we implemented blueprints so that everybody, regardless of their role, could know what they had to do as instructed by the system. This allows less time for training agents and memorising the steps as the system has dictated what must be done step by step.

We make use of the Knowledge Base in Zoho Desk and integrate it with SalesIQ, where we built a chatbot that would entertain the visitors by default when they visit HRDCorp's website. This has reduced the agents' interaction time with the visitors considerably. This means that they can focus their resources on doing more important things.


Aplikasi has been extremely helpful during the implementation period and they provide superb support. They have been supportive and accommodating, and this is especially crucial as we can't afford to have any downtime whatsoever.

- HRDCorp Team


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