Aplikasi and Carpedia

Business Case at a Glance

Carpedia having a hard time managing the sponsors (vehicle owners) and all the e-hailing drivers. All the new vehicle owners and e-hailing drivers need to manually register with Carpedia and this process has been tedious. Since all processes in manual and using hard copy, there was a disjointed process between sales and finance. Hence, finding digital and automated systems became a must for Carpedia.

What Apps Have Been Deployed

●  Zoho CRM

●  Zoho One

●  Zoho Books

●  Zoho People

●  Zoho Expense

Company Background

Carpedia is a vehicle fleet hub where they would lease vehicles mostly to e-hailing drivers. It is a fast-growing company that is widening its scope and were looking for a system that can manage its fleet and drivers altogether. Hazim, CEO and co-founder of The Carpedia and a few friends started off as a car rental business at university back in 2013, evolved the business to become a car-sharing platform that helped thousands of job seekers and a way to make a living while in job transition i.e: fresh graduates and retrenched personnel.


You put your car with them, generate passive income, and they rent it out to job seekers; helping others build a steady income stream while waiting for jobs by becoming an entry E-Hailing driver. In the meantime, they are also exposed to other gig economy opportunities such as doing parcel delivery, personal grocery shopper and car wrapping advertisement. Simple jobs that are proven to be very resourceful in providing income. 

*source: Carpedia Website

The Challenge

Handling the drivers, vehicles, vendors, payment collections, renewals, and internal staff claims manually is no easy feat. Like any other up-and-coming company, they rely heavily on excel sheets for nearly everything; keeping tabs on vehicles, sales, commissions, service dates, renewals, staff management, and accounting matters. Operating as such is inefficient because each of them worked in a silo and the flow of information is not real-time and when it is not, it calls for data discrepancy and non-transparency. The time taken to manage all the data and processes manually has taken a lot of time from the staff that would be otherwise spent on increasing sales and service quality. 

Finding the Solution

As the digital transformation partner, Aplikasi suggested Zoho CRM and Zoho Books in unison to handle the fleet management, vendors, and payment collections. As for the staff management, Zoho People and Zoho Expense are the most likely application that can easily solve the inefficient claim process and human resource matters. And for each application, the reporting would come in handy for analytics purposes and for making better-informed business decisions.

Implementation & Results

Zoho CRM was heavily configured and customized with workflows, blueprints, custom functions and integrations to make it a functioning and efficient fleet management system. The implementation involves the management of leads coming in, up to their transition as a driver/owner, managing all the processes with the e-hailing companies and authorities, assigning vehicles, keeping the mileage up-to-date, sending for service, and returning the vehicles. Zoho CRM also is integral in keeping track of the payments received/made and these data are either pushed to Zoho Books or obtained from it. Drivers would have access to the portal to update matters about the processes and the vehicle they are currently loaned to.


With Zoho and the help from Aplikasi team, we managed to digitalise and to centralise our business under one platform. With all Zoho Apps integrated between each other, it makes all our processes easier to maintain and monitor. It really does save us time and resources. Aplikasi makes sure that the onboarding process is smooth for our employees.

- Carpedia Team


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