The Digitalization Transition of AE Aequitas Sdn. Bhd.

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The Digitalization Transition of AE Aequitas Sdn Bhd

Before he met us, the CEO of Aequitas, Ridzwan had no prior knowledge of Zoho. At that point, all he knew was that he not only needed to find a solution quickly indeed he also had to find one that he could afford. He shared this information with his acquaintance, who also happens to share a mutual friend with Azlan, the founder of Aplikasi. The summit was organized in a mere two days' time. Following an explanation and a brief demonstration provided by Aplikasi, Ridzuan came to the conclusion that Zoho People and Zoho Expense are capable of resolving any issues that his organization is now facing. On top of that, the cost corresponds well to what he has in mind for the purchase 

Aequitas is a firm that provides fire extinguisher services in Malaysia, and it has served and is currently serving several prominent MNCs in the country. Because of the rapid pace at which technology is advancing and the critical nature of being competitive, this business is looking for a way to solve their problems as quickly as possible. However, cost is a key worry for them, as it is for the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses. Following a meeting that took place in an unexpected venue, the cafeteria of a hospital, the CEO of the company, Ridzuan, was blown away by the amount of functionality that Zoho People and Expense offer at such an affordable price, and he promptly decided begin using the software.

Aplikasi is a consultancy partner for Aequitas, and they guarantee that the implementation of Zoho People and Zoho Expense will go off without a hitch. Because Aequitas does not have any staff who are knowledgeable about information technology or change management professionals, Aplikasi has fills this gap. Aplikasi is confident that they will be able to assist Aequitas in every aspect of the process because they have years of expertise managing change management projects and providing SAP implementation and consulting services. Aplikasi was also helpful in redefining and reforming Aequitas' business procedures, which had previously been laborious and inefficient.

AE Aequitas Sdn Bhd was formerly a different company, but its primary mission has shifted to become the delivery of services related to fire extinguishers throughout the entire of Malaysia. The organization operates out of three separate facilities that are all over the country of Malaysia. Now, they have 33 devoted employees, the most of them are working out in the field. It was Ridzuan, the CEO of the firm, who initiated the process of digital transformation of the business. He is the one who is responsible for its beginning. Ridzuan and his motivated staff have set their sights on completely transforming their company using additional Zoho apps in addition to the many new challenges that are coming their way.

(Zoho Expense & Zoho People)


Before they started working with Aplikasi, they had to manually do all of their tasks, including work monitoring, claim processing, attendance tracking, and collaborative work. The duties of the operations team require a significant amount of travel, which results in a significant number of claims. The entire procedure, beginning with the filing of claims and ending with their approval, took the organization two weeks every month to complete. The two-week cycle was stifling the production of the HR department, the finance department, and the clerk working on this project because it involved all three departments.

The use of Zoho Expense quickly helps get rid of all the paperwork, but the most obvious benefit is that it cuts 80% of the whole cycle time in half, from 10 days down to only 2 days. When utilizing Zoho Expense, it is not necessary for anybody to be physically present in the office in order to submit and get approval for expense claims. Additionally, the capture receipt function that is incorporated in Zoho Expense makes it easier to save receipts without wasting paper or actual space by allowing for the receipts to be captured digitally. When it comes to the administration of their leaves of absence, it is possible to notice a comparative advantage of lowering the amount of paper that is used. 

Because of the mobile app for Zoho People, those who submit a request as well as those who are responsible for approving it are now able to carry out their responsibilities even when they are not at their computers. The ability to monitor workers who are working remotely as well as the ability to keep track of employees' attendance is now very accessible. This helps foster transparency and ensures that resources are used in an acceptable and accountable manner.

(Zoho CRM)

In the following step, extensive configuration and customization of Zoho CRM in order to function as a Fire Extinguisher Servicing System were required. Previously, much as with their human resources procedures, everything was carried out manually, and there was no one database that had information about all of their assets. Because the procedure is done manually, there is no transparency, and technicians are responsible for keeping their own logbooks for deliveries and pickups. If the tanks go misplaced, there is no way to determine their location, which is a significant obstacle.

It only took a month to finish the user acceptance test (UAT), review, fixes, training, and the rest of the implementation process, which involves gathering the requirements, configuring and customizing the system, reviewing the results, and more. The company notices an instant improvement in their operational procedures when the go-live date has been reached. For instance, in their claims procedure, it took them two weeks every month to settle everything, including claim applications, verification, approval, and payment. 

This is because the operating team's work is primarily done when they are travelling. Each month, hundreds of papers, including receipts and application forms, are scanned and recorded for storage. The processing of the claim procedure would require the cooperation of three departments which are Human Resources, Administration, and Finance. The use of Zoho Expense quickly gets rid of all the paperwork, but the most obvious benefit is that it cuts 80% of the whole cycle time in half, from 10 days down to only 2 days.

The Fire Extinguisher Management System was a challenging project to finish since it required a substantial amount of work to be done on the CRM's modification and setup. As a result of this, finishing the project proved to be difficult. During the installation, the primary focus was on collecting open and real time changes to the data database for each and every technician, as well as from every pickup and delivery. It is now feasible for the technicians who are working out in the field to communicate information to the back office so that it may be processed further because it is connected with Zoho Forms. 

The installation also includes barcode printers and scanning equipment, both of which would have the numbers automatically created from CRM and would subsequently be employed in the process of assets tracing. The numbers would be automatically produced from CRM on both of these pieces of equipment.

If you are experiencing the same issues as AE Aequitas and want to improve the digitalization of your business, make sure to watch the video that was provided above. What are you waiting for? Come and get in touch with us today!

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