Zoho CRM makes the team work

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Zoho CRM makes the team work

Teamwork makes the dream work. Oh yes, now that we are currently battling a pandemic we would need alternatives to get jobs done and what other options do we have than the none other, technology.

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Communication above all, remains the most crucial element in getting things to progress consistently. You may have the tools, you may plan the workload accordingly, but without proper communication it can all go down the drain.

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There is no doubt that there are existing communication platforms. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a communication platform built into your daily working system? Enjoy that feature on the multi-purpose Zoho CRM!

Keep your colleagues close with Feeds

Back in the office, you could spontaneously have discussions on any updates with your colleagues. How can you do the same virtually? Through Feeds on Zoho CRM of course! Serves as a discussion platform, Feeds allows you to talk about deals and announcements, post regular updates, work together on ideas and plenty more. It centralizes all information so no one will be left behind.

Work on projects collectively

Working on a project with team members remotely is already a major concern to most people, what more various projects at a time. Technological tools alone will not help you curb this matter. Alternatively, you can opt to link your project management system with Zoho CRM. Keep all sales records and information coincide with on-going projects to allow your team to form concrete understanding on the workflow of the projects.

Proper team assigning and tagging

Allocate your team members into different kinds of specialized groups based on their areas of expertise of the project with Zoho CRM. Create as many groups as you like and distribute messages among multiple groups. This is also made easier with the tagging feature which let you notify specific team members if you ever need them to pay attention to the matters you shared. Besides, you can also tag important notes and labels to the information you find important.

Effective sales through chat

You may not realize it but chatbots could really make your sales a tad-bit smooth sailing than it was before. Commands and Bots made available in Zoho CRM assist in extracting accurate records and analytics as well as sending lead approvals and alerts you of events and calls. Another golden feature of this is being able to stay up to date with incoming sales updates. Just automate and they will be sent to the sales team immediately.

People say you have to see it to believe it. Let’s tweak that to our situation- you have to give Zoho CRM a try to believe it. You will not realize the perks of this management system entirely until you finally get the feels of it yourself.

Therefore, hesitate no more, contact us to register today!

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