[Case Study] Innoveam Sdn.Bhd: Advanced Sales & Project Automation

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Innoveam Sdn Bhd

Regional Technologies Solution Provider

Business Case at a Glance

From the get-go, Innoveam understood that there was a need to digitise their back-end processes. Data consolidation involved inter-departmental activities, but their top priority was to get their books in check.

Previously, they opted for whatever was available out there: Google Suite for their calendar, mail, Google Drive, Google Forms, PipeDrive for CRM, and spreadsheets. However, the information and data could not be consolidated, data integrity was an issue, and most importantly, they could not pull a report in real-time.

Innoveam's solution integrates numerous apps, including Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho Projects, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Books, Zoho People, and Zoho Expense. These programmes are integrated to manage sales, finance, and HR. Digitalization improves Innoveam's efficiency.

Company Background

Innoveam is a regional technology solutions provider that uses the latest ICT technologies to process, analyse, simulate, and visualise 3D datasets to provide business and operations improvement solutions for various industries. Their focus is on enterprise, and their experience in providing 3D data solutions within the region places them as a major player in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, specialising in Engineering Design, & Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality content development.
The company was founded in January 2013 by the Managing Director, Zamir Rashid and has about 20 employees in total. Technologies utilised by Innoveam include 3D Simulation (CFD, FEA, Game Engines), Motion Capture, Immersive Virtual Reality, Non-immersive VR/Interactive App, 360 Photo Capture, Augmented Reality Apps, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cross-Platform Virtual Collaboration, and IoT/Smart Sensors.

The main industry they are involved in is the oil and gas industry, where they assist in conducting safety studies and equipment design with clients based locally in Malaysia and internationally, such as in Indonesia and Qatar.

The Challenge

As we are told, they were unable to generate their accounting report on the fly. They can’t take traditional or semi-automated accounting with them. Accounting is tied back to orders; they need an easy and convenient way to invoice and receive payment right on the spot—even if that spot is miles from the office. The information that they had was also not in real-time and was handled in silos. As a result, data integrity was compromised, and the timeline for the information audit was questioned.

The problems include the consolidation of information across departments and tracking the number of hours taken to handle projects. Unreliable data is one of the most common hurdles companies face. Often, this is the result of manually inputting data across numerous locations and separate databases, a cumbersome task that results in human error. As for time tracking, they don't have the right tool to track how much time is spent on client work to bill it accordingly and are unable to track how much ROI they have when they invest in a project.

Finding the Solution

For Innoveam, we have implemented multiple applications into one solution. What is the solution? It consists of these applications: Zoho CRM, Zoho Project, Zoho Books, Zoho People, Zoho Expense, and Zoho Analytics. All these apps are integrated into one solution to manage their sales, finance, and HR. Innoveam has been digitalized, which allows them to be more efficient.

Implementations & Results

Zoho CRM was introduced to simplify the sales process, and custom functions were developed to automate the numbering of business transactions according to their respective conventions. Zoho CRM is integrated with Zoho Books to ensure sales transactions like quotations and invoices flow through finance for real-time consolidation and reporting.

Approvals were also put in place to increase data governance. Zoho People and Zoho Expense were configured to digitalize their HR management and claim management. Expenses in particular are integrated into Zoho Books. This has aided the finance team in managing all claims as expenses, resulting in a 10-day reduction in claim cycle time.

Zoho Projects was also integrated into task management and project tracking. With direct integration into Zoho Books, project profitability reports can easily be generated to identify any cost overruns earlier and also provide real-time reporting on each running project.

What apps have been deployed

  • Zoho CRM Plus (CRM, Projects, Campaign, Social, Analytics)

  • Zoho Projects

  • Zoho People

  • Zoho Expense

  • Zoho Books

  • Zoho Analytics

What our client says about our service?

We are glad about all the existing features and functions. It is user friendly, easy to understand and use, solving basic accounting/finance matters, good tools for a small to medium company.

-Innoveam Team


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