Hear It From Our Clients!

Lantera Venue Sdn Bhd

Great services by the team. Easy to use and saves time. Teaches from scratch and customer services really helpful.

-Team Lantera

Nasty Worldwide Sdn Bhd

Very helpful and responsive and friendly from Aplikasi in delivering and assisting us in our needs

-Team NST

Armygrade Sdn Bhd

Zoho is very good because all the data is in cloud system, and it's very easy to access anytime anywhere. Aplikasi really helps my company to grow and more systematic on our working style.

-Team Armygrade

Nexagate Sdn Bhd

The project team is very clear on deliverables and objectives on Nexagate embarking on a digital transformation journey. Hence, is able to fully support within the deliverables agreed upon and is very understanding towards the resources that Nexagate has in realising the project. They are also very knowledgable and manage to effectively assist to navigate workarounds to fully utilise possibilities to fully optimise our license.

-Team Nexagate
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