Expert Media Global

Business Case at a Glance

Expert Media Global is a company that provides businesses with marketing collateral. Their sales and media teams are both prepared to assist clients. Given that each group employs a diverse variety of individuals, it is essential that they coordinate effectively. Since they are having trouble due to their teams' siloed efforts, they have decided to implement Zoho to ensure that everyone is communicating and working together efficiently. Aplikasi is there to facilitate the configuration and use of the applications.

What Apps Have Been Deployed

●  Zoho CRM

●  Zoho Books

●  Zoho People

●  Zoho Project

●  Zoho Expense

●  Zoho Mail

Company Background

Expert Media Global is a creative digital agency that was established in 2021 with a primary focus on making remarkable impressions on the digital landscape that thrill customers. Their main office is located in Petaling Jaya. The services that they offer are Expert Creative, Expert Digital and Expert Media.

They assist brands in communicating and delivering unique value propositions across a variety of sectors, whether they are selling to businesses or consumers. They also assist new businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) in launching their online presence quickly and affordably by planning, devising, and putting into action digital marketing strategies. These strategies include branding, advertising, content production, and media management. They provide solutions that are quick, appealing, straightforward, and functional in order to meet their customers' requirements in the digital world. 

The Challenge
Before discovering Zoho, Expert Media Global had been working with a cloud solution that wasn't compatible among departments, making it difficult to work together because each team's apps had to be run in silos. They are still not getting the productivity out of the work that they would like. Therefore, Aplikasi has arrived as a Zoho partner to help fix the problem they had. After entrusting us with their business, they opted to switch to the more reliable Zoho Mail in the midst of our rollout of the other apps.
Finding the Solution

In order to show them how Zoho's ecosystem functions, Aplikasi presented the functionality of the Zoho ecosystem, which are Zoho CRM, Books, Projects, Expenses, and People. Due to the significance of interconnection, the proposed applications should promote greater collaboration between the various development teams. The team is able to keep clients better informed due to the openness of all project and job modifications. The idea also includes reducing the onerous processes of the HR department to save the business time and effort.

Implementation & Results

To ensure that collaboration can take place, each of the apps has been synchronised with one another. Zoho CRM is linked to the Zoho Books and Zoho Projects applications. After that, Zoho Expense will be synchronised with Zoho Books and Zoho People. The combination of CRM, accounting software, and project management software ensures visibility of all records for all active projects and connected deals.

The combination of Zoho Expense, Zoho Books, and Zoho People has the purpose of ensuring that all expenses, whether they originate from an internal or external project, are automatically synced to Zoho Books and reducing the amount of work that is required of the finance team to manually update all expenses. To cap it all off, once they had everything they needed, they also got Zoho Cliq, which has helped them greatly enhance their internal communications.


Aplikasi has been helpful in solving our issues. They're good with clients who has limited IT knowledge. They've a large professional team to address every needs.

- Expert Media Global team


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