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Events Venue

Business Case at a Glance

Lantera Venue is a place that hosts events and weddings and is situated in the middle of Shah Alam. It is a venue designed in the style of a resort.

Because there is no consolidated and real-time information on venue availability, businesses are having trouble overcoming their obstacles. Aplikasi suggested Zoho Bookings and Zoho Books to solve their issues.

Company Background

Lantera Venue is a company that rents out facilities for various types of events, such as weddings, parties, showers, and conferences. They are located at Cahaya SPK and it is a resort concept venue hall.

The company is run by a husband-and-wife duo. The goal is to create a one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor facility that will be able to accommodate a wide range of gatherings, from intimate private gatherings to massive public parties. The events that will be held there will have the capacity to host anywhere from fifty to one thousand people at a time. Terrace and Mini Hall are the two locations that can be utilised for accommodation purposes.

The Challenge

Lantera is a company that provides catering and event services, so they are responsible for managing the bookings. Before this, they had a large number of salespeople who worked to provide prospective clients with information regarding the availability of the venue. Consequently, businesses are having difficulty overcoming the obstacles they face because there is no centralised, real-time information on venue availability. Meanwhile, they require a method for overseeing reservations at several venues.

Along with this, they require an automated system to handle pricing quotes, invoices, and payments instead of doing everything by hand. Previously, only salespeople were in charge of disseminating quotations via messages, and there was no centralised database containing information on the company's official documents. As a result, there was room for leaks, fraud, inaccuracies, and inefficiencies.

Finding the Solution

Aplikasi stepped in by recommending Zoho Bookings and Zoho Books as solutions to their problems. When it comes to Zoho Bookings, this application helps businesses manage the availability of their venues and make reservations on the spot, making it easy for salespeople to have one-on-one conversations with customers. Concerning Zoho Books, it is simpler for them to prepare and send quotations, track invoices, collect payments, and generate accounting reports. All of these functions can be performed more easily.

Implementations & Results

As a direct consequence of this, they were able to raise the bar for the quality of their offerings to the highest possible level. For Zoho bookings, the salesperson's ability to effortlessly communicate with clients makes the process much more organized. We've also taken care of the Zoho Books implementation, which eventually would allow them to provide customers with quotations and maintain records in a centralised location using this platform. This eliminates the possibility of inaccuracy, and additionally, with Zoho Books, they are able to keep track of the amounts that have been paid and those that have not been paid.

This is important because their business requires them to take deposits, and they won't get the rest of the money until the day of the event. In addition, because they have an interface with Payex, taking payments from customers is much simpler. This seals off potential areas of waste and inefficiency. They are able to produce accurate accounting-related reports for excellent business governance and audit purposes as a consequence of good bookkeeping and incidental defensive and preventative measures against fraud and leakages.

What apps have been deployed

  • Zoho One

  • Zoho Expense

  • Zoho CRM

  • Zoho Bookings

  • Zoho Books

What our client says about our service?

Great services by the team. Easy to use and saves time. Teaches from scratch and customer services really helpful. 

- Lantera team


Branding and Marketing Associate Aplikasi

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